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Leadership Directory – Jubilee United Church – for 2021-2022

(year denotes the term of committed service which runs to AGM)


Chair Heather Callbeck (2022)*
Vice-Chair Kevin Collins (2022)
Past Chair Elizabeth Clarke (2022)
Secretary Pat Lansche (2022)
Treasurer Gary Norris (2022)
Ministry and Personnel Jeanette May (2022)
Trustees Bill Watson (2022)


Choir Cheron Christmas-LaFleur (2022)
Clerk of Rolls Anne-Mari Remmel (2022)
Facilities Barbara Rutherford and Celia Ball (2022)
Finance John Sharp (2022)
Labyrinth Rentals Valerie Winters (2022)
Men’s Breakfast Gary Norris (2022)
Nominations Elizabeth Clarke (2022)
Outreach (includes M&S) Pam Lock (2022)
Offering Steward Dianne Clare (2022)
Pastoral Care Ruth Nicholls (2022)
Property Brian Kalanda (2022)
Refugee Sponsorship Amanda MacKenzie (2021)
Region Representative Pam Lock (2022)
U.C.W. Fran Crabe (2022)
Worship Susan-Jane Bynoe (2022)


Archivist Julie Crann (2022)
Bridge Events Marie McRorie, Dick Patrick (2022)
Coffee Team Jeanne Elgie-Watson (2022)
Kitchen / Special Events Gary Norris (2022)
Newsletter Editor Deborah Johnston (2022)
Ushers Gary Norris (2022)

*year denotes the term of committed service which runs to AGM