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Definitely NOT Church

As the name promises, this is nothing like church.

No praying, no signing up for committees, no flowers, no sermons or hymns, no piety and precious little propriety.

We sit at tables, we drink coffee and soft drinks, and eat cookies, and The Howling Heretics (Drew Winters & Rev. Norm Seli) add a soundtrack to a Bible Story. With voices, piano, and guitar, the Howling Heretics find the strangest ways to use songs from the past seven decades to re-tell a story that you only thought you knew.

Themes have included “Bad Baby Names from the Bible”,  “Bible Bachellorette”, “Lives of the Saints”,  “Ahab and Jezebel”,  “The Bible for Dummies”, “The Bible in 20 Songs”, “True Romance”, “Romance Tips of the Bible”,  “Famous Moms of the Bible”, “Samson and Delilah”, “Noah’s Ark”, “Great Loves of the Bible”, “Definitely NOT the Ten Commandments”, “The ‘60’s Bible”, “King David:  Is it really so great to be King?”, “Revelations:  Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Book?”, “Howling Heretics at 40”, and of course, “Definitely NOT Christmas”.