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The race route starts and ends in the parking lot at the north doors to the church. There will be up to 40 participants, who can register as individuals or family groupings. This is to maintain proper social distancing and be within your 50-person personal bubble. Participants will leave the start line every 3 minutes.  Two sets of participants will leave at the same time. One group will do the route in a clockwise direction and the other in counter-clockwise direction. When participants meet going in the opposite direction, they can safely move to the boulevard or a driveway to pass.  

The route is fully covered by sidewalk access, so there is no need to be on the road for your safe participation.  When you register as a participant, you can choose your starting direction by selecting a start time in the “A” or “B” time slot.   The “A” time slots start by going east on Broadlands.  The “B’s” will start by going west on Cornerbrook.

The route is 5K in length.  There will be route marshals at every intersection and road change to keep participants on course.  The marshals will also be able to make contact with the start/finish line, should someone on route need help.  There will not be any washroom facilities or water stations on route.  Please be sure to bring enough water or suitable drinks to get you from start to finish.


If weather and COVID restrictions allow there will be BBQ for all participants and volunteers after the walk. Have a hot dog and enjoy the items in your goody bag.

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  • Arrive at the church about 30 minutes before your start time.
  • Proceed to the “A” or “B” registration desk depending on the route direction you’re doing.  Remember to bring your registration confirmation as it will have your bib number.
  • At the check-in desk, you will get your race package of t-shirt(s) and race bib(s).  There will be pins in the package to enable you to attach the race bib with your race number to the front of the t-shirt.
  • Your race number will resemble your start time – for example, if you registered to start at 1:03 route “A”, then your bib number will be “103A”.  The same bib number is for the individual, couple, or family group.
  • When you finish, go to the appropriate “A” or “B” finish line desk so we can record your time.
  • Upon completion of your run or walk, there will be a “Goody Bag” for you.  It will have a juice drink, an orange, and an energy bar, and cookies along with a personalized race certificate for each person in your group.  The packages will be identified with your race bib number and a member of the committee will give it to you.
  • We will have medical assistance available should anyone need aid while on the course.
  • Nominal prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be awarded within those running and those walking.


If it is raining on Saturday, Oct. 2, then we will hold the event on Sunday, October 3 instead. Your start time and race direction will remain the same. This time structure was chosen to allow you to attend church or virtual church and still participate in the event should we need to use the rain date.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION                     (Event Chair: Gary Norris 416-431-0198)

 Parking will be limited to the west side parking lot area only.  We need to keep the north area for doing the start of the event registration and the recording of finishing times and giving out the “Goody” bags.  Additional parking is available at the plaza across the street.

Participants, after you finish the event and you have your “Goody” bag and certificate, you can go the BBQ area in front of the church (subject to weather and COVID restrictions) to get a hot dog and socialize. Volunteers and supporters, you are welcome too as long as we remain in compliance with the COVID restrictions on our outdoor gathering (see above).