Jubilee United Church

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        Jubilee United Annual Homemade Christmas Cookie Bake Sale 


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 Thank you for your desire to support Jubilee United Church with our bake sale. Unfortunately… 




It’s time for the annual Jubilee United homemade cookie bake sale, just in time for Christmas. If you love having homemade cookies for the holidays but you’re not one to go through all the muss and fuss of baking at home, you’re going to love this bake sale even more.

We are offering 4 types of cookies and you may order as many as you like (by the dozen).                CHOCOLATE CHIP, GINGER, SHORTBREAD, and SUGAR

Orders must be in quantities of full dozens.

Cost = $8 / dozen     for pick up
            $10 / dozen   for delivery


Here's how to order:

We’ve created an online form to take your order. If you have any questions when placing your order, feel free to call or email Dianne in the church office.
(416-447-6846 or admin@jubileeunited.ca) 

We want to ensure we get your order just right, so you’ll receive a confirmation that your order was received when you submit your order and then a second confirmation from the office giving you the total amount due for your order.

You can mix and match a little, but only by the half dozen. If you truly want to taste them all, you can also order a mixed box, which contains 3 cookies of each flavour. 

Cookie Order Form