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labyrinthGathering in sacred circle in the journey toward peace and wholeness is a welcome respite in our hectic and high pressured lives. Walking alone and enjoying the solitude is a gift. Walking with others and feeling the nurturing, caring energy of the Creator through the presence of others is truly amazing. If you have never walked and are unsure of what to do, don’t worry, we are all there to offer guidance and support as you need it. Our gatherings include readings, reflections, candle lighting, healing touch (if our therapeutic touch hands are present), prayer and/or meditation and other creative activities to awaken the soul.

Come and join us for a walk, meditation, reflection and other spiritually nurturing activities.

The Labyrinth Team would be happy to set up the canvas Labyrinth for other groups in the church if needed and space is available.  We are also happy to come and give Labyrinth education talks to groups who would like to know more about the Labyrinth and how to use it as a reflective, spiritual or discerning tool.

Our Labyrinth is approximately 24’ X 24’.

“… we all need the reassuring and healing messages that treasured rituals provide”.  Sarah Ban Breathnach taken from Julia Cameron’s Walking in This World – The Practical Art of Creativity

“When you walk the labyrinth, you allow things to clear away.  Often, people walk in and have a releasing process to go through first, releasing anger, resentment, tears, all of that.  When that clears through, then all of the sudden images will begin to come when you’re walking the labyrinth–memories, dream fragments.  So the imagination then informs the person of what needs to be worked through and released, or gives information to the person about what their next step is in life. The beauty of the labyrinth is, you find your own natural pace.  You see, that’s the key for our culture nowadays. You walk in and your body determines the pace. As you find your pace, you join the natural flow in your own being and in your own soul.  When you join the natural flow in yourself, you can join the cosmic dance with others.”  Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress, author of Walking the Sacred Path.

Jubilee is fortunate to have both a permanent outdoor Labyrinth, as well as a portable canvas Labyrinth. Our outdoor Labyrinth is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend, Karen Steward, whose labyrinth dream for Jubilee became a reality in September 2006.


A little about the Labyrinth:

The Labyrinth is a meditative tool – a walking path on our outdoor patio area.

JUBILEE’s Labyrinth has been used many times in Wellness Workshops and after Special Worship services.  We have a trained Labyrinth Facilitator, who would be glad to speak to you about using the Labyrinth for your special event.  Our portable canvas version of the Labyrinth is rentable.

Please direct inquiries to Valerie Winters at 416-757-2216.

Labyrinth 2


Invitation to Walk the Jubilee Labyrinth

Here a few suggestions which may be helpful for your walk: 

  1. Stand at the entrance of the labyrinth and allow yourself time to collect your thoughts.  You may wish to say a silent prayer or a mantra.  When you start to walk allow space between you and the person ahead of you.
  2. Walk the labyrinth at your own pace.  Feel free to pass others.  Feel free to stop if you wish.
  3. Follow the path to the centre.  Allow your mind to quiet as you walk.
  4. When you arrive at the centre stay as long as you wish.  Listen for any insights that may be there waiting for you.

dedication of Labyrinth



Rev. Norman Seli officiating