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Poetry of the Pandemic: How We Made it Through*

$20 or 3 for $50

It was Friday the 13th in March 2020 when Jubilee United Church realized that they would have to close their building to in-person gathering. There was a pandemic. The congregation hoped that they would be back by Easter and planned to do their best to continue to worship in a virtual medium with recorded services. The services weren’t bad, but they sure didn’t have the casual warmth and joy that had come to be taken for granted in the Jubilee community.

But something happened to make the Jubilee virtual on-line services begin to feel like home… something a little bit silly, a lot friendly and rather creative.

This book is a product of its time — a time of wondering about who we are, where we’re going, and how to be together while needing to stay apart.

Order by calling the church office at 416-447-6846 or emailing Dianne to place an order at admin@jubileeunited.ca.