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The opposite of faith is not doubt, it is certainty.

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A Way of Faith is a six-week, Lenten exploration of discipleship within an open, embracing and justice-focused Christian tradition.

This is a course for those wishing to deepen in their faith and for seekers looking for a spiritual path on which to walk. Our gatherings will consist of a shared pot-luck lunch, prayer and discussions based on the United Church of Canada’s faith statement A Song of Faith.  While we use the bible and United Church faith statements as source text, this is not simply a download of doctrine. Our goal is to engage with the big questions of life and discuss both the benefits and responsibilities that come with following Jesus.  Whatever your background – whatever you believe or don’t believe – all we ask is that you bring your whole self (including your doubts) to the experience.  

6 Sundays: March 10 – April 14, 12:30 – 2:00pm

If you are able, please bring something for our pot-luck meal.

In each of the six weeks, we will explore a different question:

  • March 10: Who is God?
  • March 17:
 Who are we?
  • March 24: Who is the Spirit?
  • March 31: Who is Jesus?
  • April 7: What is Church?
  • April 14: What is our response?

For those participants that wish to do so, there will be an opportunity to make an affirmation of faith as part of the Easter morning worship service on April 21.

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Jubilee United Church is an Affirming Ministry, offering welcome and companionship to all people regardless of sexual orientation or designation.