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Jubilee United Church is an Affirming Ministry, offering welcome and companionship to all people regardless of sexual orientation or designation.

Jubilee United Church was created by the coming together of Bethesda, Donminster and Victoria Village, and most recently, St. John’s  United Churches.   Embracing the gifts of these congregations and the many individuals who have joined our community since 2000, we continue to grow. We acknowledge the sacred land upon which Jubilee United Church stands. People have been on this land for 15,000 years. This land is the territory of the Huron-Wendat and Petun First Nations, the Seneca and most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. The territory was the subject of the “Dish with One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant”, an agreement between the Iroquois Confederacy and Confederacy of the Ojibwe and allied nations to peaceably share and care for the resources around the Great Lakes.

Virtual Worship - Sunday, November 22nd at 1030 am - You are Invited!

Daily Biblical Reflection with Rev. Norm Seli Mon-Fri Currently reading John’s Gospel.

Weekly Update

Dear Members and Friends of Jubilee United Church. 

This update comes to you on Saturday, November 27th
The to the Sunday Morning Worship service is just above. 
A 68 minute Sunday Virtual Worship Service featuring Mark 13:24-37 (presented by Bri-anne Swan); we also hear from the prophet Isaiah (64:1-9).  Music by the Jubilee Quartet and Dr. Daniel Rubinoff, Preaching by Rev. Norm Seli.  As we begin Advent, we move through Death Row in Texas to a Baptism in North York… and discover God’s presence.  Oh, and we challenged Bri-anne to imagine the Advent story told in 2020 like a Hallmark Movie, the first installment is included.    

Sunday’s service is also available as a podcast AND – a shorter Audio version of the Sunday Service can be accessed by telephone. Link and Info on the website (check the right hand side)   

Before we get much further, I need to share the news that Eileen Barclay has died. I had heard that Eileen had died when we received a donation in her memory, but I was unable to find an obituary.  That was remedied today thanks to a kind gesture by one of our community.  Her smile and kindness will stay with me for a long time and commend her family to your prayers.    https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/margaret-barclay-obituary?pid=197177397

People are keen to know about cookies.
So, if I may….
We are NOW taking cookie orders, and we will take them until Sunday, December 6th or until we run out of cookies.
Cookies are $8/doz for pick up or $10/doz with local delivery.
Pick up is on Saturday, December 12th between 3 and 5pm at Jubilee.
Deliveries will be on Saturday, December 12th (or by arrangement)
Orders are for 12 cookies of either:
Chocolate Chip, Shortbread, Ginger or Sugar cookies.
You can split an order between 2 cookies: 6 of each. You can also order a mixed dozen, which will be 3 of kind.
You can order from the Jubilee Website, just above under the “Special Events” Menu:  Jubilee Cookie Sale.
If you prefer, you can order through Dianne in the office – (416)447-6846 or admin@jubileeunited.ca – All orders will be confirmed.  If you don’t get a confirmation, please contact the office -we don’t want any disappointments.

I am hoping that you will send me some pictures of you lighting a candle.
     I would love to have a video of you lighting a candle.
     I would be thrilled to a video of you holding a candle and singing “Silent Night” (any verse will do)
     Pictures of your lights or Christmas Decorations would be wonderful.
     I would love to have a note from you, an audio or video recording of you sharing a favourite Christmas memory.  I would love to have these to include in our Advent and Christmas Services….
     AND, as long as I’m asking… it would be great to have some folks who want to decorate our outdoor Creche.  It would be wonderful to have it change often through the season and remind folks, as they walk by, that Christmas is holy and the church is still gathering, even if the doors have been locked.   Think about it and talk to me…  I am keen to offer support and provide the time for you to make a Christmas statement.

 And as long as I’m asking… a couple of more things.
1. We are looking for drivers/delivery folk for any (or all) or the next 3 Saturdays. On Saturday, December 5th we have 30 poinsettias to deliver.  You can pick up one or several at 2pm and help us deliver a Christmas connection to some of our folk.    On Saturday, December 12th, we may have some cookies to deliver in the afternoon.   AND on Saturdays, December 12th and 19th, we need folks to make local pick-ups for Jubilee folk who wish to donate to our various December projects.   Driving can be done solo or in team.  This is not meant to be a visit, just a drop and/or pick up with masks in place and as little contact as possible.   If you are able to help us, contact me – (416)447-6846 x103 or nseli@jubileeunited.
2. In case you are intrigued by the reference to pick ups! On December 12th and 19th, we are prepared to come to you and pick up Diapers for the Massey Centre, Socks for folks on the streets, and Food for our local foodbanks.  We will also pick up cash or cheques to purchase these items or to support Mission and Service or Jubilee.  We will get more information to you next week.

And just to prove that I can do more than ask… Let me say thank you to everyone who participated in our 2020 Gala.  So many of you didn’t come – it felt like a great success.  Thanks to the Youth for preparing and packaging food, thank you to the musicians who were nothing short of brilliant and thank you to everyone who bought a ticket to an event that you couldn’t even come to…  You are the best!

I think that this has been long enough, that I’m best to leave the limericks to the service.  We have two… but you’ll have to tune in to get them.
See you at worship tomorrow (or whenever you tune in).

In Faith and Hope
Rev. Norm Seli  (on behalf of the Jubilee Team)

Here are some of the most requested links:
Sunday Check in, 1130am -1230     https://zoom.us/j/756954235
Tuesday Coffee – Tuesday at 11am – noon  https://zoom.us/j/348451849
Daily Check in, 530-630pm   https://zoom.us/j/846416417
Daily Meditations and Worship Services are on my Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgNHaEdFtqnOUxgkRdty9vQ?view_as=subscriber

Jubilee's 20 Anniversary Virtual Concert. Join us on Sunday, November 22nd at 730pm - or check it out anytime you want to hear some great music!!

On Sunday, June 23, 2013, we celebrated together Jubilee being officially an “Affirming Ministry.”

church-prideWhat that means is that we are recognized and take responsibility for inviting, welcoming, and including all people who want to experience the love of God and ministry of Jesus Christ as expressed in our community – regardless of sexual orientation or designation.  We take on, as a ministry, the care and comfort of those marginalized and victimized by others for their identity as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgendered (LGBT) people.  As much as it is about LGBT people, it is about a wider diversity as well.  It is about inviting, welcoming, and including those who feel left out because of age, culture, or perceived / experienced abilities.  Becoming an Affirming Ministry is a celebration and commitment to embrace diversity intentionally, graciously, and compassionately – the way that Jesus did.

With your help, we will continue to be a loving, inclusive and responsible community.

We have:

  • Outreach Programs, Discussion Groups
  • Men’s Groups, Women’s Groups
  • Children’s Groups, Youth Groups
  • Bible Studies, Non-Traditional Worship

You are invited to join us.

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Jubilee Moments - December 1st.
Rev. Norm Seli continues to read and wonder about John's Gospel.
Today, it's John 20:11-18. A Jesus speaks Mary's name and changes everything,
Norm wonders about resurrection.

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