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Please join us for an experience and expression of faith and Spirit
that is beyond words. 

At Jubilee United Church we practice an open-table which means that everyone regardless of age or religious profession is invited to the table. Unlike our sacramental siblings in the Roman Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox churches we believe that the sacrament is experienced in the entire gathering, not exclusively in the bread and juice.  In short, although those attending Jubilee United Church have a variety of experiences and understanding of this sacrament, we do not share this table assuming that that the wine and juice are exclusively transformed. 

All of the bread is gluten-free and the juice is non-alcoholic grape juice. 

Whatever your specific needs, we will do our best to make sure that you can participate as you choose; we can bring the elements to your seat, we can provide more convenient cups, whatever will help you to participate. 

January 5 :  Epiphany; first service of the New Year, communion will be by intinction  (people come forward to receive the bread and juice)

March 1:  First Sunday of Lent – seated  (the elements are brought to seats by servers)

April 5:  Palm Sunday  – intinction

April 12:  Easter Sunday at “Sonrise” Service at 8am.  An informal communion by intinction is shared outside on the Labyrinth. 

May 31: Pentecost and the welcoming of New Members – seated

July 26  – intinction

September 13 –  intinction

October 4:  World Wide Communion – seated

November 1: Celebration of All Saints and New Members  – intinction

November 29: First Sunday of Advent –  seated

December 24:  Christmas Eve – 11pm service –  intinction