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Second Annual Jubilee 5K Run/Walk Event 2021

It’s back! Our second annual Jubilee 5K Run/Walk event is coming the first weekend of October. Here are all the things you might want to know about our upcoming fundraising event. All this and a barbeque after! There are many ways to get involved: register as a participant and run or walk the race route, sponsor a participant who is doing the 5K, sponsor a specific or general event expense, serve as a volunteer race marshal or official at the start/finish line. Here’s how!

Register as a Participant

  • Registration will open August 16th and close on September 26th (extended!)
  • Start time and route direction can be selected on the form. Race coordinator Gary Norris will confirm your start time and direction by email.
  • First start time is 1:00pm on Sat Oct 2nd (rain date Sun Oct 3rd).  Start times are spaced 3 minutes apart.
  • There is an “A” and “B” time for each time slot indicating race direction.  Start times will be available on a first come first choice basis.
  • You may register as a solo participant or as a group
  • Things to have handy when you register:
    • Name(s) of EACH PERSON in your group
    • T-shirt size for EACH PERSON in your group.
    • Emergency contact information.
    • A nickname for your team (optional, but fun! Eg., The Speeders).
  • By completing your registration, you are agreeing to the Event Waiver.
  • You can print a ROUTE MAP here.
  • We are asking all participants to aim for a minimum of $200.00 in sponsorships; however, this is NOT a requirement to participate.

Event Details – read all about it

[button link=”https://forms.gle/mtKAEf2YSYDwqhSo8″ type=”big” color=”green” newwindow=”yes”] Registration Form[/button]

[button link=”https://www.jubileeunited.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/2021-PLEDGE-FORM-5K.pdf” type=”big” color=”green” newwindow=”yes”] Print Pledge Forms[/button]

Race Day Volunteers

Would you like to be involved on race day, but you’d rather not do the 5K? We need race marshals at every intersection along the route, volunteers to help with the start / finish line set up and registration desk, photographers, timekeepers, and other helpers to do what’s needed. You can sign up right now!

[button link=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17G-xjUSp5KdDJ9zALXOD29YT_Bz2Doa149lFQI0uvrI/edit#gid=0″ type=”big” color=”green” newwindow=”yes”] Volunteer Sign Up Sheet[/button]

Sponsor a Participant

Sponsor your family and friends as they walk or run the 5K event. You can support a group/team or individual or even multiple individuals or teams.  Not sure who’s participating? Click here to see a list of those participating.  You can either contact the individual and have them add you to their sponsorship form, or if you wish to remain anonymous, send a cheque to the church with the name of the person you wish to sponsor; we will add your sponsorship to the individual’s total dollars only.

Sponsor the Event

The Jubilee 5K Run/Walk is an annual fundraiser for the church. We want this event to be self-funding so that all money raised by the participants goes directly to the support of Jubilee and its community initiatives. Become an event sponsor by donating money to cover an event expense – a specific item or the event expenses in general. Please contact Gary Norris to make this sponsorship pledge.  Approximate total costs for each item are shown.

  • “Goody” bags for participants and participation certificate: approximately $200.00
  • Race bibs for participants: approximately $25.00
  • Miscellaneous race administration items: approximately $75.00
  • BBQ after the walk subject to weather and COVID restriction $150.00


There are several ways you can get your donation to us. Please pay special attention if you are sponsoring a participant so that they will receive proper credit for your sponsorship.

  • Cash or cheques made PAYABLE TO Jubilee United Church given to your sponsored participant or sent directly to the church office. DO NOT MAKE CHEQUE PAYABLE TO THE PARTICIPANT.
  • E-Transfers sent to admin@jubileeunited.ca then send a 2nd email with the password and indicate who you are sponsoring or just “General” if no participant name is given
  • Canada Helps – canadahelps.org website: select “Jubilee United Church – Don Mills Ont”. Please indicate your donation is to sponsor the 5K Walk and who you are sponsoring, if applicable.


  • Tax receipts will be issued for all donations of $10 or more. To issue the receipt, your full name and mailing address will need to accompany your donation, unless you’re a regular contributor at Jubilee and your information is already on file with the church. Tax receipts will be sent at the beginning of 2022, NOT immediately following the 5K event.



Race event coordinators are staying informed about current Covid-19 safety guidelines and restrictions as they happen. Currently, under Phase 3 reopening, the gathering at an outdoor event in one place can only be 100 people. We have set the following guidelines for your safety and the safety of all those present at the event.

  • Do not arrive more than 30 minutes before your start time. 
  • Once you register and await your start time, do not gather in groups of more than 10.
  • Keep proper social distancing – you know the drill.
  • Wear a mask at all times while on church property.  
  • On the race route while walking or running, we suggest that you keep your mask in a position that will allow you to properly cover your mouth and nose as you approach others.
  • Access to washrooms will be through the north doors only and controlled so that only one person or family group is in a washroom at any one time.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION                     (Event Chair: Gary Norris 416- 431-0198)


  •  Parking will be limited to the west side parking lot area only.  We need to keep the north area for doing the start of the event registration and the recording of finishing times and giving out the “Goody” bags.  Additional parking is available at the plaza across the street.
  • Participants, after you finish the event and you have your “Goody” bag and certificate, you can go the BBQ area in front of the church (subject to weather and COVID restrictions) to get a hot dog and socialize. Volunteers and supporters, you are welcome too as long as we remain in compliance with the COVID restrictions on our outdoor gathering (see above).


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Download Map

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Sign-up Sheet for Volunteers

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