Jubilee Campfire on the Labyrinth

Casual fun for all ages.  Tie-Dying, campfire, singing, marshmallows and s’mores for everyone.  Just a little bit of relaxed fun on a Saturday afternoon.  No Charge and No Preaching… just neighbours.

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Jubilee Market – December Update

[metaslider id=5178]The last market of 2022 has been completed, thus ending our 8-market series, with another full house of vendors with a wide variety of goods and services just right for the gift-giving season.  Many thanks to the vendors, volunteers and shoppers who made this event a success.  Looking forward to having you back with us in 2023!

“Are We There Yet?” Advent Devotional 2022

During the Advent season,  you are invited to participate in a devotional exercise. Our theme for the season is “Are we there yet?”  Have you ever been on a journey and wondered if it was ever going to end?  Have you ever found yourself asking:

Where are we going?
How will we get there?
How far do we need to go?
Who will come with us?
What do we need to do?
Whom are we waiting for?

This devotional is image based.  If you receive Jubilation via Canada Post, you will find enclosed within the envelope a pack of image cards.  If you receive Jubilation electronically, or have arrived here via the Jubilee website, you can pick up your pack of image cards at in-person worship, from the church office, or view the images electronically here! 

You can also download a .zip file.

Below is a list of 28 questions.  The backs of each card also hold space to write down your thoughts and reflections. You are invited to use the images and the questions in whatever way works best for you. The devotional is designed to be engaged briefly every day, but there are no rules!  Do it all in one sitting. Simply look at each of the cards as you pray or meditate. Hand them out to your friends and family.  Find an image that speaks to you and carry the card around in your pocket.

We hope that the cards and this devotional offer an opportunity for creative centering and reflection as we journey together towards Christmas.


Day Date Question Card #
1 Nov 27 Which image makes you smile?
2 Nov 28 Which image feels the most real?
3 Nov 29 Which image makes you feel uncomfortable?
4 Nov 30 Which image seems the most true?
5 Dec 1 Which image makes you sad?
6 Dec 2 Which image would you pass on to a friend?
7 Dec 3 Which image fills you with hope?
8 Dec 4 Which image speaks to your past?
9 Dec 5 Which image doesn’t belong?
10 Dec 6 Which image do you wish for your future?
11 Dec 7 Which image confuses you?
12 Dec 8 Which image do you want to rip up?
13 Dec 9 Which image hurts your soul?
14 Dec 10 Which image feels most like Advent?
15 Dec 11 Which image feels most like Christmas?
16 Dec 12 Which image will you hold on to throughout the year?
17 Dec 13 Which image has your favourite colours?
18 Dec 14 Which image needs more explanation?
19 Dec 15 Which image is telling a story?
20 Dec 16 Which image feels like home?
21 Dec 17 Which image makes you look twice?
22 Dec 18 Which image would you pray/meditate over?
23 Dec 19 Which image is lying to you?
24 Dec 20 Which image do you need?
25 Dec 21 Which image sparks questions?
26 Dec 22 Which image holds answers?
27 Dec 23 Which image is your favourite?
28 Dec 24 Which image says God is with us?


Advent & Christmas at Jubilee

CLICK HERE for a handy, printable calendar!


Coming Home for Christmas (online)
Friday, December 9th, 7:30pm
A fundraising concert in support of Jubilee’s Refugee program as we work to bring the Al Dahoul family from Syria, home to Canada.

Jubilee Market

Jubilee Market
Saturday, December 10th, 9:30am-2:30pm
Meet direct sellers in our area and get through your Christmas shopping!

Definitely NOT Christmas (performance)
Sunday, December 11th, 7:30pm
With a soundtrack of pop songs from the past seven decades, this is one Christmas Special guaranteed not to be warm and cuddly.

Carol Sing & Hot Chocolate
Saturday, December 17th, 3:00pm
Come and sing your favourite Christmas songs and carols.  You bring yourself. We’ll bring the hot chocolate!

It’s Comin’ On Christmas (performance)
Saturday, December 17th, 7:30pm
Join Broadsway and the Jubilee United Church Choir for an evening of music, fun, and possibly(!) some irreverent humour.

Longest Night
Wednesday, December 21th, 7:00pm
A quiet, gentle service to acknowledge the need for a break from the busyness, as well as some of the more challenging feelings that emerge during this season.



4:30PM………………..KIDS SERVICE






CLICK HERE for a handy, printable calendar!

Jubilee Market – November Update

[metaslider id=5019]The November market was very exciting! Twenty-four booths welcomed more than 200 shoppers with a very wide range of products: children’s books and toys, jewelry, preserves and baking, skin care products, Christmas decorations, cards, wine bottle covers, knitted and crocheted items, art, tote bags, and many more. Homemade chili and lentil soup were on the menu, and were enjoyed by all. Many thanks to the volunteers, vendors and shoppers for making this so successful. Looking forward to the final market of 2022 on December 10!!!

Jubilee Market – October Update

[metaslider id=4894] Autumn is in full swing at the Jubilee Market, with vendors offering beautiful items for the upcoming holiday season.  Over 200 customers came to make their selections.  Many thanks to all the bakers for their delicious goodies, to the cooks for the delicious chili, and to all the volunteers who worked on Thanksgiving Saturday.


Jubilee Market – September Update

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After a respite in August, the Jubilee Market Fundraiser was back in full force once more this past weekend with 19 booths, with several new vendors joining us.  Many visitors began their holiday shopping as the sun shone brightly on the last market bbq for the year. Thank you to everyone who donated baked goods, plants and paintings.  Thanks to Bri-anne for the donation of cd’s of her music.  Thanks especially to the 34 volunteers who gave of their time to work at the Jubilee booths.

Jubilee Market – July Update

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Another market has come and gone.

Thanks to all the volunteers who worked at the booth tables.  Your efforts enabled us to continue to raise needed funds for the ministries of Jubilee.

Thanks especially to the folks who stepped up to take on additional responsibilities behind the scenes.  It is much appreciated!

Thanks also to everyone who came to shop.  Both new and returning vendors and volunteers all appreciate seeing and speaking with you.

It looks like the rest of the summer is busy for everyone.  The August market has been cancelled due to a shortage of vendors.  But never fear:  we’ll be back in force in September!

Vendors:  The fall markets are filling up quickly, with November being completely booked already!  There are a few spaces left for the rest of the fall months, so get your applications in.