“Are We There Yet?” Advent Devotional 2022

During the Advent season,  you are invited to participate in a devotional exercise. Our theme for the season is “Are we there yet?”  Have you ever been on a journey and wondered if it was ever going to end?  Have you ever found yourself asking:

Where are we going?
How will we get there?
How far do we need to go?
Who will come with us?
What do we need to do?
Whom are we waiting for?

This devotional is image based.  If you receive Jubilation via Canada Post, you will find enclosed within the envelope a pack of image cards.  If you receive Jubilation electronically, or have arrived here via the Jubilee website, you can pick up your pack of image cards at in-person worship, from the church office, or view the images electronically here! 

You can also download a .zip file.

Below is a list of 28 questions.  The backs of each card also hold space to write down your thoughts and reflections. You are invited to use the images and the questions in whatever way works best for you. The devotional is designed to be engaged briefly every day, but there are no rules!  Do it all in one sitting. Simply look at each of the cards as you pray or meditate. Hand them out to your friends and family.  Find an image that speaks to you and carry the card around in your pocket.

We hope that the cards and this devotional offer an opportunity for creative centering and reflection as we journey together towards Christmas.


Day Date Question Card #
1 Nov 27 Which image makes you smile?
2 Nov 28 Which image feels the most real?
3 Nov 29 Which image makes you feel uncomfortable?
4 Nov 30 Which image seems the most true?
5 Dec 1 Which image makes you sad?
6 Dec 2 Which image would you pass on to a friend?
7 Dec 3 Which image fills you with hope?
8 Dec 4 Which image speaks to your past?
9 Dec 5 Which image doesn’t belong?
10 Dec 6 Which image do you wish for your future?
11 Dec 7 Which image confuses you?
12 Dec 8 Which image do you want to rip up?
13 Dec 9 Which image hurts your soul?
14 Dec 10 Which image feels most like Advent?
15 Dec 11 Which image feels most like Christmas?
16 Dec 12 Which image will you hold on to throughout the year?
17 Dec 13 Which image has your favourite colours?
18 Dec 14 Which image needs more explanation?
19 Dec 15 Which image is telling a story?
20 Dec 16 Which image feels like home?
21 Dec 17 Which image makes you look twice?
22 Dec 18 Which image would you pray/meditate over?
23 Dec 19 Which image is lying to you?
24 Dec 20 Which image do you need?
25 Dec 21 Which image sparks questions?
26 Dec 22 Which image holds answers?
27 Dec 23 Which image is your favourite?
28 Dec 24 Which image says God is with us?


Advent & Christmas at Jubilee

CLICK HERE for a handy, printable calendar!


Coming Home for Christmas (online)
Friday, December 9th, 7:30pm
A fundraising concert in support of Jubilee’s Refugee program as we work to bring the Al Dahoul family from Syria, home to Canada.

Jubilee Market

Jubilee Market
Saturday, December 10th, 9:30am-2:30pm
Meet direct sellers in our area and get through your Christmas shopping!

Definitely NOT Christmas (performance)
Sunday, December 11th, 7:30pm
With a soundtrack of pop songs from the past seven decades, this is one Christmas Special guaranteed not to be warm and cuddly.

Carol Sing & Hot Chocolate
Saturday, December 17th, 3:00pm
Come and sing your favourite Christmas songs and carols.  You bring yourself. We’ll bring the hot chocolate!

It’s Comin’ On Christmas (performance)
Saturday, December 17th, 7:30pm
Join Broadsway and the Jubilee United Church Choir for an evening of music, fun, and possibly(!) some irreverent humour.

Longest Night
Wednesday, December 21th, 7:00pm
A quiet, gentle service to acknowledge the need for a break from the busyness, as well as some of the more challenging feelings that emerge during this season.



4:30PM………………..KIDS SERVICE






CLICK HERE for a handy, printable calendar!

Who You Gonna Call?

First…and this is the most important…

Rev. Norm and Rev. Bri-anne are really glad to be your ministers.


Like, really, really glad.

Since Rev. Bri-anne was called to Jubilee in October 2021, your ministry team has been working through how best to divide up the tasks of serving the congregation.  Below is a handy list of “who you gonna call?”.


Rev. Norm Seli, Minister of Worship, Care, and Faith Formation

Worship — includes in-person and online virtual
Jubilee Cares/Pastoral Care
Children & Youth
Faith Formation — bible Study, book studies, etc.
Coffee & Check-In
Elder Care
Benevolent Fund


Rev. Bri-anne Swan, Minister of Digital Community, Growth, and Public Witness

Resistance Church
Jubilee Cares/Pastoral Care
Social Justice & Outreach
Affirm/2SLGBTQI+ Inclusion
Right Relations with Indigenous Communities
Active Adults
Digital Community


This list is meant only as a starting point — feel free to reach out to whichever minister you want! We will both be glad to hear from you. However, if you call Rev. Bri-anne about something to do with Sunday worship, she may suggest you bring your question or concern to Rev. Norm.  If you contact Rev. Norm about something to do with refugee support, it’s likely he will suggest following up with Rev. Bri-anne.

But do reach out to us! We want to know how best we can support you, and how best we might be able to service the Jubilee community.

Holy Week at Jubilee

There are many opportunities to gather together during Holy Week, April 11 – 15.


Monday to Friday
in-person Bible Study
8:30 – 9:30am

Jesus Christ Superstar Watch Party
7:00pm via Zoom

Maundy Thursday
online worship

Good Friday
in-person worship at 10:30am

Son-Rise Service (Sunday)
in-person on the labyrinth at 8:00am

Easter Sunday
in-person and online at 10:30am


Holy Week

Children’s Programming is back and in full swing!

Nursery and Sunday School is starting back up!

We will have our nursery supervised and ready for babies. Haley Brown will be ready to engage children in Godly Play during the Sunday Service time and Youth are invited to meet with Haley and Rev. Norm at 1:00pm in the Heritage Room for a little pizza, a lot of fun and some figuring out who and how we will be as the rest of 2022 unfolds.

If you need any information, please be in touch with Rev. Norm or speak with Haley.

If you would like to volunteer to help in the nursery, in Godly Play or with Youth, speak with Rev. Norm and/or Haley. We are thrilled to have people who want to lead or desire to follow; folks who are keen to help out often or just once in a while. We can provide support and training and we’re pretty sure that we’re all going to have a great time, so if you are hearing that call to offer your time and gifts to our younger folk, please be in touch.

Return to In-Person Worship

Return to in person Sunday worship will take place Sunday, March 6th.

At the Jubilee Church Council meeting held Monday, February 14, it was decided that the return to in-person Sunday worship will take place Sunday, March 6th.  We will offer an in-person Ash Wednesday service on March 2nd which will be live-streamed from the sanctuary.  More information about COVID protocols will be released shortly.

The Jubilee community has grown over the past two years, and we will continue to offer online worship even after the return to worshipping in person in the sanctuary.  Currently, Jubilee worship services are pre-recorded.  On Sunday, March 13th, we will be offering communion.  This service will be live streamed.

Rev. Norm and Rev. Bri-anne are grateful to everybody’s patience as we worked out the best and safest ways for us to gather in community.  We have missed being with you, too! There will soon to opportunities to gather in small groups for coffee and conversation.  But for now, know that we will be gathering in the sanctuary very soon.

Nominations 2022

Nominations is looking for volunteers for a Coffee Team Coordinator and an Archivist.

Update February 20, 2022: an Archivist has been found! 


1.       Coffee Team Coordinator duties:

·         Ensures that all teams are appropriately staffed.

a) If they are not on an ongoing basis, either works with Individual Team Leads to assist recruiting or contacts Minister(s) about the need for a plan to recruit.

b) If they are short-staffed on a short-term basis, contacts other team members to help enlist temporary help.

·         Maintains, and distributes to Individual Team Leads, an up to date list of individual team members.

·         Ensure that supplies are available (tea, cookies, milk, sugar, sweetener, notify Jeanne Kennedy when ground coffee runs low (she orders it from a fair-trade source).

·         Liaise with Minister(s) about special services (coffee set up may change from the usual) – i.e. Pyjama, Easter, etc.

·         Connect with Individual Team Lead (as each team hands over to the next team) to ensure that the incoming team is appropriately staffed and able to serve.

·         Maintain and post a hard copy of instructions (for making tea and coffee) for all kitchen users.


If interested, please contact Dianne at the Church Office: admin@jubileeunited.ca