Nominations is looking for volunteers for a Coffee Team Coordinator and an Archivist.

Update February 20, 2022: an Archivist has been found! 


1.       Coffee Team Coordinator duties:

·         Ensures that all teams are appropriately staffed.

a) If they are not on an ongoing basis, either works with Individual Team Leads to assist recruiting or contacts Minister(s) about the need for a plan to recruit.

b) If they are short-staffed on a short-term basis, contacts other team members to help enlist temporary help.

·         Maintains, and distributes to Individual Team Leads, an up to date list of individual team members.

·         Ensure that supplies are available (tea, cookies, milk, sugar, sweetener, notify Jeanne Kennedy when ground coffee runs low (she orders it from a fair-trade source).

·         Liaise with Minister(s) about special services (coffee set up may change from the usual) – i.e. Pyjama, Easter, etc.

·         Connect with Individual Team Lead (as each team hands over to the next team) to ensure that the incoming team is appropriately staffed and able to serve.

·         Maintain and post a hard copy of instructions (for making tea and coffee) for all kitchen users.


If interested, please contact Dianne at the Church Office: